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Canvas Print Sizes Available:

Sizes available in Single Canvas Prints are:  
Small 9.5 x 18"   Medium  14x20" 20x20"  Large 20x30" 34x20"  36x20"  20x40"  
and Extra Large  42x20" 44x20"  47x32" 

Sizes Available in 3, 4 & 5-Panel Prints:
It is important to look at each one as they can vary slightly.  The overall image size for these is listed in each products description, giving you the overall space required to clear the image (wall space required).  
To give you an example, there are 40" to 60" canvas prints available in the 4-Panel Split Canvases. These range from our standard size 40", (so still relatively large) to Extra Large (60") canvas prints.   

We also create some limited edition sized 5 panel prints.  Very few of these are available at any given time.

You will find that all of the split panel prints are a reasonable size as these would not work in small areas.  So medium, standard, large and extra large split panel canvas sprints can be found at Art4uk.  Single prints have a wider selection choice and are available in small, medium, large, extra large, depending on style and type.

Orders over a certain value may need to be paid for via a bacs / bank payment.  If you expect your order to exceed £100, please ask us for bank details via the Contact form after you place your order (which will then be refunded).

Fraud Actions:
We are active against online fraud. Any attempt to fraud Art4uk is reported to the Police as a crime of theft and is investigated in full. We are active to protect to innocent, small businesses to reduce online crime.


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