Please Note:  We only accept UK orders via our standard checkout system*.  

- We do not feel we can validate the cost of shipping outside of the UK for an item average cost £40
- We do not wish to extend our shipping, return or terms of service beyond the UK.
- We cannot extend additional consideration to packing and despatch beyond that used in the UK.

* However.... 

Regardless of this fact we do have a number of customers outside of the UK that purchase from us using their own forwarding agent.. e.g. customers in Europe & Malta enjoy using Art4uk.  They have requested that we send their items to a UK forwarding agent...  and this has worked quite well so far. From the point where this is delivered to a forwarding agent, ownership immediately transfers to the buyer and they rely on their forwarding agent to do everything from thereon.  There is no return policy for these orders because of the time this ultimately takes and because from the point that the agent receives this it then becomes your property.

NON-UK ORDERS wishing to use this system, follow the steps below:
  1. Agree your forwarding agent information before moving to step 2
  2. Make the order in the usual way, insert your own details and the shipping agent as the delivery address. Include your personal agents reference number etc.
  3. Select any payment option. Go straight though to checkout page - but do not complete payment. This way we receive your order but not your payment.  Email us using the contact form asking for the bank details for payment.
  4. Allow up to 24 hours for a full response. 
  5. Bank payment details (for Bacs) to be given to you for payment in our reply. 
  6. Once the funds are cleared we will then process your order as usual.
  7. Tracking etc is sent to you.  For size info etc see note ** below.
  8. There is an additional £2.50 admin fee for orders placed via this method.
  9. As these items are despatched and sent via our Despatch area swiftly it is unlikely that we would be able to provide dimensions etc so you would have to ask your shipping agent to make arrangements for this to be done upon receipt by them, by their team.
  10. We do not extend our Returns and refund policy to shipping agent or forwarded goods.
  11. The same packing and postage considerations are used as for usual UK orders.
  12. It is our preference not to sell outside of the UK and therefore if you wish to continue with a purchase regardless of the information on this page then you do so at your own risk and in the knowledge that issues resulting from using an agent cannot be considered once it has been received by your agents and from thereon.
  13. We can confirm that to date there has never been an issue with anyone using an agent forwarding service.
  14. Additional shipping fees may be applicable for more than 2 items - this is also applicable to all orders in the uk due to multiple / bulk shipping fees.
  15. It is worth noting that so far we have received no complaints whatsoever from people using this service who make repeat orders.
  16. Remember, these are canvas art prints, not paintings.
We reserve the right to reject a request for a non-uk order.

Further to the above information we would extend that we prefer that you try to locate a suitable canvas in your own country - that said, we also appreciate that there are times when an international customer really does want a particular print - and so for this reason we have not made this impossible.  However, we cannot extend our general legal policy beyond the UK borders. We believe our products are standard low value items (average cost £40) and feel this cannot warrant high postage costs outside of the UK.  We feel it only fair that this is clear to any buyer before following the steps above. 

Thank you.

** Sizing:
 These items are automatically despatched and the sizing etc is not provided in advance - you can roughly calculate this by seeing our size on the site and remember, panel prints are despatched on top of each other so e.g. the largest piece will give the width and length and the  depth would be each panel poly sealed on top of each other in a box - so if the panel is 3cm (allow 4cm) = 12 + little space and box - so 15-18 cm would be close if not accurate.

If a non-UK order is placed without initial contact we will assume that you are making arrangements.  Although payment will not ultimately be able to be paid via Paypal we will maintain the order and payment for a period to allow contact time.  If after 30 days no contact is made a full refund will be issued back to the buyer.