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  • Payment Options
Most UK Credit / Debit Cards


The address given in the card processing must match the address given for the order.  If it does not then this will be refunded.

Credit / Debit Cards:
All major UK Credit & Debit cards via a secure, encrypted payments system.
No person, at any stage of the transaction, will see your card or payment details.

A secure, encrypted and well established UK Company processing all major credit and debit cards.  This is our preferred payment processing option.
Nochex also include a payment option system that includes those already holding Nochex payment accounts, both individual and business/merchant accounts.  Where this exists, this payment option can be used.

Is a well known option that many people use especially for websites, ebay and other areas.  Payment can be made at checkout by Paypal if required either from your own Paypal account or by card.  Your delivery address must match that of your verified Paypal account or a refund is actioned.

In any of the cases above.  Where you realise a payment comes to us with a different address, simply contact us immediately using our Contact Us form outlining the details and we will reply asap.  You must do this quickly at certain times to avoid us either sending your order to an incorrect address or refunding the order. Once either of these actions is taken we can outline how you should proceed from thereon.  Our